What we believe is WHO we are. It dictates our daily decisions, the voices we listen to or ignore, the way we spend our time. Whatever carved out space we find ourselves in this very moment IS OUR CHOICE, based on the beliefs we hold, the stories we tell ourselves and others; often-times without words…

This simple truth gets blindsided by day to day life. Look at how much has changed so rapidly for so many this past month. Work-Life balance has become a crucible for most if they are even lucky enough to continue work at all…

We believe what we are told, we believe what others want us to believe, some of us don’t KNOW WHAT we believe or those beliefs change from one fleeting experience to the next. We believe fear, we believe loss, we believe the worst…Why?

BECAUSE SHE HAS BELIEVED, the title rolls off their tongue, more like a question, what kind of business is that?” or “That is an odd name for a cleaning service, isn’t it? You really should have CLEANING in the actual company name.” If I’ve heard the questions and suggestions once I’ve heard them a dozen times. It’s my mantra, actually (she, being me)

Because She Has Believed

Cleaning was a springboard for BSHB, something I knew, a background I was familiar with and a way to immediately start earning a wage to support myself and family. I had previously worked for 17 years as an account manager for a mid-sized commercial janitorial service. That is a substantial stretch of time to work within an industry and not begin to identify yourself with it. I hired, trained and managed the janitorial staff at companies well known to the Chattanooga area for many years at a time, including, Brach Candy Comapny, Olan Mills, Alstom Power, Amazon and Volkswagen.

The Commercial cleaning industry supported myself and children for a large chunk of their lives. I taught my oldest sons to strip and wax floors, operate riding scrubbers and even street sweepers. Cleaning was what I knew but what I BELIEVED about the purpose of work, the individuals whom I employed or the companies I served went far beyond just earning a wage or offering a valuable service…

Because of WHO I believe, I wake up everyday and thank God for health in my body and that of my children’s. I thank Him for provision. Because of what my Creator and His Word says of me, I am able to work, nearly everyday, fearless of those around me masked and gloved. I don’t speak that arrogantly and I don’t throw caution to the wind but I know that Christ Jesus sees me, knows me, knows our needs and allows me to continue to work and provide for myself, my children and the families of those I support or employ.

Don’t listen to fear… know what you believe… take the opportunity that has been given to reflect on what is really going on around you in the world today and what truly matters.

“To believe in something and not to live it is dishonest” – Mahatma Gandhi

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