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BECAUSE SHE HAS BELIEVED is a FAITH BASED, FEMALE BRANDED COMPANY.  Our mission is to be MORE THAN A CLEANING SERVICE, to NETWORK within our community, among our individual customers, commercial clients and congregations in a way that weaves us all together.

We offer PURPOSE DRIVEN CLEANING SOLUTIONS-THIS MEANS that WHILE we are EXCEEDING the cleaning expectations of a commercial client, we ARE ALSO offering employment to a young college student. This same student happens to be a long-time member of a church congregation that we service at no cost because they provide a storage facility for some of our cleaning equipment and supplies.

It means an individual customers home that we clean also owns a thriving business that makes up half of our e commerce.  It means we introduced an industrial client to one of our insurance clients and out of appreciation they made a donation to a local charity on our behalf.

IT MEANS we are not JUST cleaning, WE BELIEVE there is PURPOSE to what we are doing. It isn’t all about the “bottom line” for us (which is completely counter culture from a business standpoint-We know, that’s kinda the point) Let us partner with you!!! Together, let’s provide for our families and community while honoring our Creator whom we hope in, depend upon and BELIEVE.

We’re always happy to talk about how we can best serve you.

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